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"Shoulders, lower back, neck, chronic stiffness and pain.  BUT regular appointments with Lora keep me moving!  The stiffness and pain is controllable and I can continue to garden, quilt, walk and do whatever I want.  Lora has a wonderful combination of being gentle yet firm.  She finds evey knot and tense muscle and convinces them to behave.  She lets me know what she is finding as she massages and also gives me suggestions to help prevent the knots and tense muscles.  Lora has also suggested massage for carpal tunnel which I was impressed with.  Lora is an excellent massage therapist and I will continue my visits for years to come!"
- Marlene Perry

"The staff is amazingly kind and thoughtful, persistent and precise in the delivery of their services.  Thank you!"
- Christine Greve

 "I have had several opportunities to co-treat patients with one of the massage therapists at Absolute Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. It is a great way for each of us to concentrate on our specialties and help the patient achieve their optimum in a more timely fashion."
- Kristi Turner MSPT Physical Therapist with Midland Physical Therapy, Inc.

"I look forward to my twice weekly massages with Kendra at Absolute.They have really helped my arthritis disappear.Absolute is absolutely the place for me."
- Shirley Baker

"I had not had a massage prior to hip surgery in 2005, but then massage therapy became essential to my recovery. After moving to the Midland Area, I was referred to Kendra at Absolute Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. I am now on a maintenance schedule of biweekly massage that leaves me feeling great!"
- Kathy Holbel

"I have been seeing Kendra for over 7 years and look forward to seeing her monthly for massage therapy. Kendra has a way with her hands, she relieves a lot of muscle tension and stress. She makes me feel like a new person after each session. I also enjoy conversing with her during the session, it is like having a close friend give you a massage!"
- Tabbetha Troy

"My shoulders and back are always sore when I come into see Kendra but by the time I leave they feel brand new. Kendra gives the best sports massage in the area, when she finishes with me all the knots are untied! Thanks so much Kendra, you have a wonderful set of hands!"
-Tim Troy

"I have expereinced massage at Absolute Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork with Kendra.  She has excellent knowledge and amazing massage modalities.  She has been a great help to me in alleviating my pain.  Thank you Kendra, you are the greatest."
 - Patty Cobb

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